Northwest Lineman College DOT Physicals

Students, as part of the Pre-Requisites to begin the Lineman College Program, you must first get a DOT Physical Exam.

This is an in depth exam that will include: 

-Check Blood Pressure

-Check Height & Weight

-Check extremities, back and neck.

-Check Blood Pressure

-Check Eyesight

-Review Medications

-Palpate stomach

-Listen to heart and lungs

-Urinalysis. This is not a Drug Test.

At the end of the Exam, You’ll Be Given Your New Medical Certificate (form 5876) to present to Your School & the DMV when needed.

Dr. Omar Anguiano

Is A National Certified Medical Examiner. National Registry Number: 8955857975

Most Common Questions:

  1. Does Insurance Cover This?  No. Insurance does not cover a Department of Transportation Physical.
  2. What Would Cause Me To Fail A DOT Physical?  Not passing the eye exam.  Taking certain medications, Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillator.  Epilepsy Diagnosis, Narcolepsy Diagnosis, Inadequate Grip Strength (this list is not extensive).
  3. How Often Will I Have To Get A DOT Physical?  If you are healthy, your Medical Certificate will last 2 Years.
  4. What Happens If I Don’t Renew My Medical Card When I’m Supposed To?  You’ll get a letter from the DMV downgrading your CDL License with Restrictions.