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👷Why are local companies like ESI, Meta, Micron and hundreds of other companies across the Treasure Valley requesting DOT Physicals on their employees, even thought they don’t have a CDL or drive a vehicle over 10,000lbs?  In fact Most of these employees are driving company pickup trucks!

As you can guess, it has to do with Safety.🦺

🛻 These companies want to make sure their drivers are Mentally & Physically Fit to drive their vehicles (no matter what size the vehicle is).  So they send their driver to get a DOT Physical Exam.

At the end of their physical exam, the driver receives a Medical Certificate or Medical Card (form 5876) that signifies they are fit to drive, and you (the employer) get a copy of that to file away.

➡️ If this is something you would like to install into your business to decrease work place accidents  and increase safety and compliance please click the Message button below.  We can chat or you can call me at 208-283-2876

🧑🏻‍⚕️I’m Dr. Omar Anguiano Nationally Certified Medical Examiner for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

DOT Physicals- Corporate Account

Are you located in the Treasure Valley or surrounding area?  

Do You Want To Decrease Work Place Accidents?

Do You Want To Decrease Insurance Premiums?

Are You Sick Of All The Sleep Apnea Tests Other Providers Demand?

 Do You Want To Get Drivers In & Out Fast, And Not Wait 3 Hours At Primary Health?

Then a Corporate account is exactly what you need.

Convenient Scheduling

We'll provide you with a link you can share with any driver who needs a DOT Physical.

Accurate & Fair Assesments

We understand your drivers need to be on the road working. So we will conduct a fair and honest exam based upon the FMCSA Guidelines and Our Discretion. Unlike Primary Health, or other Urgent Cares, we don't automatically recommend a Sleep Apnea Test For Everyone with a BMI over 35!

Easy Pay

I'll Send You A Link To Pay For Drivers Exams. Or We Can Bill You Monthly (if you have 50 or more drivers). 🔥🔥Avoid the dreaded Out-Of-Service Violation!

You will have access to a Company Portal where you can see All Copies Of Your Drivers Certifications to easily manage when your drivers need renewals!

We Offer On Site DOT Physicals Too!

If your Drivers can't come to me, We come to you! Makes it easy and simple. Get all of the exams out of the way at once. (Must have 10 or more drivers for On-Site DOT Physical Exams).

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