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Who Needs A Sleep Apnea Test?

Ok, so you’ve been to your local Urgent Care, Concentra, or Primary Health, and you have been told you need a Sleep Apnea Test…what do you do now?

Here are the 2 Types of People That Would Need A Sleep Apnea Test (according to the FMCSA):

1. If your BMI is over 40 it is suggested that you perform a sleep study.


2. Your BMI Is over 30 and you suffer from Three (3) or more of the following:

(This group of people are evaluated on a case by case analysis by your provider- so there is more discretion involved).

  • Hypertension (treated or untreated)
  • Type 2 diabetes (treated or untreated)
  • History of stroke, coronary artery disease, or arrhythmias
  • Micrognathia or retrognathia
  • Loud snoring
  • Witnessed apneas
  • Small airway (Mallampati Classification of Class III or IV)
  • Neck size 17 inches (male), 15.5 inches (female)
  • Hypothyroidism (untreated)

You can either go to a Sleep Lab or do it At-Home.
Most prefer the cost and convenience of doing it at home.

Will I Lose My Job If I Have Sleep Apnea?


If you test positive for moderate to severe sleep apnea and begin treatment you’ll be fine!

In fact, your sleep study may come back negative, then you wouldn’t have to worry about it again!

When Do I Have To Repeat The Test?

Here is what the FMCSA says:

“If a driver reports a prior sleep study was negative or revealed only mild OSA (obstructive sleep apnea), another sleep study may not be warranted unless the driver reports significant changes in risk factors or symptoms since the prior sleep study.”

“OSA is not a condition that requires testing on a regular schedule. Unless a driver reports that symptoms have returned or a significant change in risk factors, typically for drivers diagnosed for moderate-to-severe obstructive sleep apnea treated with CPAP retesting may occur between 3 and 5 years or as determined by the treating provider.”

What Happens If My Test Says I Have Sleep Apnea?

If you have moderate to severe sleep apnea, you will then need to get a Cpap or Bipap machine.

We’ll walk you through the whole process on how to get it, how to use it, how to pay for it etc.

How Do I Show Compliance To Pass My DOT Physical?

You may be certified initially for up to 1 year if you do this:

  1. You must document CPAP use for 30 days (you can run a report using the app your machine comes with-pretty easy).  This is the Minimum compliance standard.
  2. You must use your CPAP more than 4 hours per night and use it 70% of nights (minimum compliance standard).
  3. You cannot report excessive sleepiness during the day.

Don't Go To A Sleep Lab!

And Pay Thousands Of Dollars Or Miss Work. Do It From The Comfort Of Your Own Home Or Truck!

How To Do The Test At Home

How It Works?

After Your Purchase You Will:

Step One

We'll Ship You The Sleep Apnea Test Unit.

Step Two

Download Software To Your Phone & Directions How To Use...Super Easy!

Step Three

Send The Unit Back & We'll Get You The Results ASAP!

"My dad was a truck driver for 30 years, and I understand the drivers frustration when it comes to DOT Physicals, so much has changed in the past 10 years, but We Need You Guys To Keep This Country Going!"
Dr. Omar Anguiano D.C.
DOT Physicals Boise

Frequently Asked Questions

No, unfortunately Insurance does not cover the At-Home-Sleep-Study kit.

The in-lab sleep study, done in a clinic, can range in price from $500 to more than $3000 (this is why most prefer an At-Home-Kit because its much cheaper.

If You Test Positive For Moderate To Severe Sleep Apnea,  the treatment is called PAP (Positive Airway Pressure).  A mask that you will wear to help treat your sleep apnea.

Yes, it’s unfortunate that some providers allow drivers to “Pass” because they are either intimidated, or feel sorry for the driver.

This is really out of our control. Especially since the FMCSA is now conducting regular Audits for Providers (like me!). So we have to be above board with all of our exams.  


We need you to continue to do your job.

You are the lifeline of delivering products to our country.

Listen, if you can get this part of your health under control, you will be better for it!

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