Emergency After Hours DOT Physical



Get An Emergency DOT Physical In Boise, Idaho.


Have you been placed out of service?

Do you need a DOT Physical immediately?

You’ve found the right page if you live near Boise, Idaho.

During routine inspections the highway patrol may notice that you are in violation of possessing a valid DOT Medical Card.

In which case they may put you out of service and it’s up to you to fix it.  Even if it’s 8pm and you are at the weigh station, and every doctor is closed.

You will not be permitted to drive your truck until you update your Medical Card.

But, I have set aside special hours for drivers to help them in this situation.


Is this a 24 Hour Service?



These appointments are reserved for After Hours Appointments.

(I am not on call.)


What Are The Emergency Hours?


Monday-Thurs 6:00PM-11:00Pm


Saturdays: No Appointments Available

Sundays: 6:00PM – 11:00PM


How Do I Get An Emergency DOT Physical?


After you pay you will be directed to a special calendar where you will schedule.


 “Once I Get The Notice You Have Scheduled I Will Meet You At The TA ASAP!”