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Without Waiting Hours At Your Doctors Office Or Using Insurance!

Where Do I Get The Test At?

Any LabCorp In The United States.

I Have Teamed Up With LabCorp. So After You Pay I Will Email You The Requisition Form And You Can Take That To Any LabCorp. There are 2,067 LabCorps In the U.S.

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There are over two thousand labs, so I am sure there is one in your town or nearby.

Do I Need An Appointment?

No. Most LabCorps allow Walk-ins.

Do I Have To Be Fasting?

No. An A1C test does not require fasting.

Can You Bill My Insurance?

No. This site is for those who want to save time and avoid a doctors visit for an A1C test, and do not have insurance or prefer not to use it. If you'd rather use your insurance see your primary care provider and make and appointment through them.


What Happens After I Pay?

I will email you a requisition form, and you can take that requisition form to any LabCorp in the U.S. and get the Order done.

When Do I Get The Results?

It usually takes 3-5 business days to get the results.

How Do I Get The Results?

We email you the results.

Then What?

Take your A1C results to your diabetes treating doctor, along with Form MCSA 5870, once that doctor fill out form 5870 you can schedule a DOT Physical with a Medical Examiner near you.  The DOT Medical Examiner will need to see Form 5870 so that you can pass!


What Is Form 5870?

MCSA Form 5870 is the Insulin-Treated Diabetes Mellitus Assessment Form.

This form is required if you want to obtain a DOT Medical Card.


Who Is Dr. Omar Anguiano & DOT Physicals Boise?

Dr. Anguiano is a Medical Examiner for the FMCSA. He practices in Boise Idaho in his clinic DOT Physicals Boise. He is a Chiropractor of 20 years, and has been performing DOT Physicals for 10 years.


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